There is nothing cooler in the world to me than the idea of people all over the world eating healthy food delivered by B+D. I get just as excited for the locations we are opening in Entebbe, Uganda as I am Center City, Philadelphia.

When Shea (my little bro) and I were in Central Africa last- I spent a ton of time thinking how we could really help the people in the area. It was like my 3rd or 4th time there... and I kept searching for a way B+D could get involved and actually help.

As I made the trips back and fourth- and got a little more entrenched with how things operate over there- I realized our real opportunity for change is helping individuals open up individual stores.

I think the biggest change we could ever evoke in any area is to prove that it is investable. When I say that- I mean giving people a shot with a real business- and coming up with a product that is meant to compete at even a very small scale in a very undesirable market.

At first- I was enamored with the 'One for One' model with Blake over at TOMS Shoes. Their simplicity was so scalable! Immediately I thought- screw it... lets work it into our pricing model to give a meal way at B+D in Entebbe for every meal we sell at B+D Plymouth Meeting. Problem solved!

But we developed it further- and thought about it a ton. We decided to set up 'Big Bro' and 'Little Bro' locations. The 'Big Bro' locations would be the US locations- the ones built to kick some butt in our markets. The 'Little Bro' locations would be our 'Giving' locations. We would build them to be sustainable and profitable, etc... but they would be able to benefit from support (eventual micro loans) from B+D!

This is where we are now... seeing how things settle. We are going to open at least one location in Entebbe... and learn from that experience. I know it will develop into exactly what it is supposed to be so long as we are patient... and I can't freaking wait!

Below is a picture of our first B+D Partner (wearing a red shirt) in Entebbe, Uganda. His name is Kenny Lutaaya... but we call him 'Kake' (He says he is Entebbe's #1 cake maker, I say he exaggerates). Behind him is his current operation in market right up agains Lake Victoria.

The best advice I got was from a buddy of B+D, Todd Carmichael. Todd also owns La Colombe Coffee, was host of 'Uncommon Grounds', and is hands down one of the greatest guys I know. Anyway- when I asked him for advice about doing business in third world countries, he said, "You can build the most beautiful thing that the city has ever seen- just don't use things that they don't have access to." This is our driving force behind our Little Bro stores. We are giving locals an amazing space that is beautiful and strong, and giving them access to a system and support to succeed.

Whether it's in LA, Louisiana or Laos... I want everyone eating around a shipping container with the freshest, healthiest, and relevant ingredients being served to them conveniently.